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short for mammogram
It's time for my yearly mamo :(
by BenDover52 July 23, 2009
A description of the loud house music Josh Alb plays in the hallway. It started as a saying people say while he passes by or when someone mentions his name but since developed into to a gang and now even a religion complete with a book of his ideals.
Jeff: Hey look over there! it's Jiggity Jiggity Josh!

Zach: Mamo Mamo mamickity moof mow
by Jward9 October 22, 2013
It is an utterly bad insult to recieve. It is a similiar phrase to "your mom or you're such a tool." It means "massive mom." If you happen to recieve such a horrible insult please get over it as soon as possible.
You're such a idiot. You freaking mamo. I can't believe you're such a mamo.
by Kathy Trans July 06, 2005
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