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(n.) 1. something that is considered by many to be very sexy and/or boss. 2. synonym for the word "thing"
you peepin' at that hott mamma jamma?
by Chris Cliche July 16, 2004
138 46
A very attractive and stunning person, generally with an article before it like bad or sick or slang terminoligy that could be taken as an insult yet used in a polite and relatively flattering way.
"She's a bad mammajamma, just as fine as she can be."
by X December 29, 2003
68 14
This is meant to describe a fine nubian goddess that can boogie on the dance floor.
Look at that fine Mamma Jamma break it down on the dance floor.
by Mojo Maniac July 22, 2008
48 34
People killed by Creed Bratton in the US version of The Office
Creed: keep this on the down low, you don't want to end up a dead mamma jamma
by an194783729 July 13, 2011
30 18
REALLY huge breasts, specifically on a woman. "Huge" would be around a 36DD or up.
Wow, Jane really has some nice mamma jammas. I would like to touch, caress, and suck on those big boys.
by Munchkin January 25, 2005
19 16
somthing that is very very big.
That bitch had mamma jamma titties.
by scotty July 09, 2003
41 57
1 dollar, 1 pound, 6092485 yuen, or any other small piece of usable currency in whatever country one is rollin' through. Used when a man (or woman) is attempting to be a High Rolla, Masta Killa, Big Spenda, etc. but has insufficient funds to keep up the ruse.
Self-loathing fast food attendant: Thank you for ordering. That will be $6.75.

Wanna-be: Bitch, you best take 5 mamma jammas!

Attendeant: Stay away from my mother.
by Current Ceaser May 25, 2010
13 32