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In Mexican slang, it means something like "insolent little douchebag", "absurd fuckhead", or "deliberately, and often arrogantly, uncooperative".

It's highly inaccurate to say it simply means "annoying person", "someone who does something stupid", or even "snob". It can be used to describe an annoying person since an absurd, arrogant asshole will of course be annoying, but annoyance is such a subjective and broad notion and mamón does not come close to encompassing it completely, so it's a flawed definition. Same thing goes for 'doing something stupid' or 'snob', and to these add the fact that there are slang words for each of those that are several times more fitting; like pendejo or fresa, respectively. Although it would be perfectly fitting to call a snob a mamón if he or she has the appropriate attitude, but not a simply someone who does dumb things since pendejo covers that.
- That little mamón thinks he's hot shit with all his little bullshit.

- I used to hang out with him but then he started being a little mamón.

- No seas mamón. No mames, wey.
by cerveza! December 19, 2008
a snobish person or show off, often thinking he is better than others
carlos is such a mamon he won't even call me anymore
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
not cool, or is when somebody does an stupid action.
Este guey es un mamon, acaba de hacer una pendejada.
by Kevin Brian McFarlane October 13, 2003
In Puerto Rican slang it means that you admire somebody or someone too much and willing to suck his dick and get it shinny
"Este Pedro es mas mamon con Justin Bieber se lo debe tener aniquelao

pedro thinks that Justin Bieber is the best I think his willing to suck his baby penis till its shinny like a chrome finish
by el come cu November 29, 2012
spanish for sucker. Also can be used the superlative mamonazo but then turns into a positive meaning between friends.
That guy is a sucker, he's always trying not to work.
Ese tío es un mamón, siempre anda intentando no trabajar.
by Picrico August 09, 2004
A fruit found in most of South America. Its round and green and has a peach color inside. Its sweet and smooth.
Guy 1: Man those mamones were so good, I'm still craving more!

Guy 2: You can never get enough of that fruit.
by fruitlover101 April 26, 2011
In Spanish, somebody who likes to drink/suck, also refered as a blowjob lover
Petinatto is a mamón, and his wife a mamona
by Anonymous May 09, 2006
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