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The male equivalent of the irritability and general pissiness which often accompanies the natural female pre-menstrual syndrome. No known cause or cure.
Steer clear of Hans today, man--must be a case of male PMS.
by elemental June 05, 2005
Pre-Masturbatory Syndrome
When a man doesn't ejaculate for several days and the hormone build-up causes him to become emotional and irrational.
Guy 1: I don't get it, she's been leading me on for two weeks and nothing happened and I got blue balled and now all I want to do is eat ice cream and watch The Notebook.
Guy 2: Stop being a little bitch and go crank one out, no one wants to hear you male PMSing.
Guy 1: *wipes away tears* Okay...
by Kelantar January 14, 2013
When a guy is in a bad mood for no reason about once a month. The cause is unknown but the simptoms are yelling, making threats, ignoring people and throughing things.
Trevor has male PMS today and he dosn't know it.
by J-law March 10, 2005
poor male's syndrome.

where quys become just as/more irritable than females for no reason.
poor male syndrome male pms
by alyssaaaaaa. July 20, 2008
Post Masturbation Syndrome. This form of PMS is experienced by some men after they had been masturbating for a prolonged amount of time (typically 30-35 minutes). The primary symptom is a weak arm in combonation with fatigue, making it difficult to do things such as write, type, draw or use your computers mouse.
Zach: "Dude, last night I was jerkin' it right, and it took me like half an hour to finish. After, my arm felt like it was dead!"

Mike: "Dude, sounds like you got yourself a case of Male PMS".
by Vladamire Staska August 21, 2008
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