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Slang for semen. Sometimes sold as merchandise (mugs, t-shirts, etc) and purchased by women to low key indicate they perform oral sex.
Nick: What did you get Jennifer for her birthday?
Joe: I bought her a male tears mug. She earned it after the blowjob she gave me last week.

Jack: I'm going to ask Jill if she'll be in our bukkake.
Kurt: Jill is into that sort of thing?
Jack: Yeah, haven't you seen her "I bathe in male tears" shirt?

Jonas: Swallow or spit?
Christine: Male tears are delicious!
Jonas: Sweet!
by MxR August 19, 2014
A man's sperm.
" Last night I spread my male tears all over Jennifer's face, after she gave me an around the world and head."
by Blight Hatred September 06, 2014
Euphemism for semen, come, jizz, ejaculate, etc.
When she bent over in those yoga pants, I could not contain my male tears.
by Webb Davis September 06, 2014
What self proclaimed "sluts" call semen.
"Forever bathing in your male tears!"
by Not Gus Fring September 21, 2014