Is when a Baller in a strip club throw alot of money in the air over a stripper on the stage.make it rain
That Baller at Magic City make it rain for hours at the club. Make it rain in this bitch all baller call.
by rltipster March 20, 2007
at clubs ballers take a wad of $1 bills and throw them in the air. hence "making it rain"
LA is where this term originated from. Fat Joe's single make it rain sprung this trend of throwing money in the air. It is pretty entertaining to watch non ballers attempt these feet.
- Ali S., Founder
"I make it rain on these hoes" with money
by Ali1717 April 14, 2008
When you make it rain it means you make a girl squirt
You should be ashamed of yourself your girlfriend say i make it rain on herself
by javelinrun July 10, 2008
The ability to sexually arouse a female so intensely she begins to exude an unusually copious amount of pussy juice. To the point of dripping or running-out during foreplay or intercourse. Usually causing the males entire crotch region to be drenched including the bush, nuts, gooch, thighs and crack especially when using the cowgirl position.
Girl: "Goddamn boy, I didn't know you could make it rain like that!"
Boy: "Go make me a sandwich."
by SZfiftyfour July 07, 2011
To vigoerously shake the sweat from your hair in the club, spraying your sweat everywhere, emulating rain.
"If I danced too close to that hood rat, her nappy weave might make it rain on my new dress."
by natie g July 11, 2008
What happens when men between the ages of 16-22 fall asleep (or pass out of course) after a night of drinking heavily. Men can "Make It Rain" in many different places including beds, couches, cars, floors, the Sigma Chi fraternity of Alpha Xi, etc.
Joe: Hey Danny, whatd u do last night?

Danny: Oh, just made it rain.

Joe: Oh, who'd you pour champagne on?

Danny: I didn't pour champagne on anyone.

Joe: Then how did you make it rain?

Danny: Lets just say I had an accident last night.

Joe: Ohhhhh, well in that case, I guess I made it rain last night too.
by LetsMakeItRainTonight! December 14, 2008
Throwing money at strippers; a song by Fat Joe and Lil Wayne; also what Rob and Big did to people in Tampa, they threw $5000 in $1 bills to all the people from the top of a half pipe, they made it rain! Lets make it rain.
"What's the forecast look like today?" "It's gonna be perfect weather, with a 100% chance of rain!" "I make it rain on dem hoes!"
by TiMJLD October 09, 2007

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