Make it rain means to come all over a bitches face. It does NOT mean throwing money up.
Better grab an umbrella, I make it rain on them hoes
by Xpli$it March 01, 2008
To sink a long three pointer while playing basketball. When you hit enough of them, youre makin it look like it is rainin three pointers, hence the name. Many people also yell this while shooting.
Nunzio is always ready to make it rain while lacing up his kicks for Basketball.

(while shooting a three pointer) MAKE IT RAIN!
by Big Yeti Dick March 16, 2007
In competition Tetris, making it rain indicates that a player is sending lines to his opponent (by clearing more than 2 lines at once) at a rapid pace.
"I was watching Kevin play Net Tetris, and that boy made it rain."

"He's playing well today, he's about to make it rain."
by smag June 22, 2007
When Having a large some Money ,at one time or various times. And Then going over and throwing it at a hater or a bitch.
The money will then fall from above them as if it was raining.
This is mainly down to a person you dont like to show how more balla or fresh you are then them . Which will make fun of them .
Mainly done in front of others to show off making the crowd laugh
Damn Tron Make it Rain all Over That Bitch!!

He Had soo Much Cash i couldnt even see him after his bitch ass got Rained On.

In Marysville Bitches Named Dillon and Josh Rob Get Rained on Repeatedly cuz there bitchs.
by Alexz aka Xander January 02, 2007
A song by Lil Wayne and Fat Joe, where the person listening to the song takes their hands in front of their face and waves their fingers back and forth while the song is playing the chorus of "I make it rain"
I make it rain bitch.
by rmustud19 March 27, 2007
An action or lack thereof which makes others cry
Georgetown made it rain for NC this weekend.

I'm going to make it rain - Make her cry, make you cry.
by Leedogg March 26, 2007
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