When Having a large some Money ,at one time or various times. And Then going over and throwing it at a hater or a bitch.
The money will then fall from above them as if it was raining.
This is mainly down to a person you dont like to show how more balla or fresh you are then them . Which will make fun of them .
Mainly done in front of others to show off making the crowd laugh
Damn Tron Make it Rain all Over That Bitch!!

He Had soo Much Cash i couldnt even see him after his bitch ass got Rained On.
by Alexz aka Xander January 06, 2007
To cause fear,terror,death or destruction
1. "You've got till friday to pay me back,or I'll come to your house and make it rain!!
2.Friend:"Hey bro,that dude's playin grabass with your girl!
You: "Hope he brought his umbrella,cause I'm fixin to make it rain!!
by BigBlue57 June 28, 2009
what you should yell out right after hitting any putt over 10ft for par or better when you know its going in.
Tiger Woods was putting from 30 feet and as soon as he hit the putt he yelled "make it rain!" because he knew it was going in.
by Are2Dee2 September 10, 2009
To make something happen that might not necessarily happen without your efforts.
For Joe to beat the deadline given to him at the office he is going to have to make it rain.
by Sweet Tizzle August 20, 2008
To hit the top inside of the net with a hockey puck in such a way that the goaltender's water bottle acquires an upward spinning trajectory, discharging drops of water from the spout.
Fleury roofed the puck against the Sharks and the announcer said "Snap. That bg can make it rain."
by fifty fo gats January 14, 2008
This is a twofold definition. When a man ejaculates a large amount of spunk, this is considered 'making it rain". It is also applicable when a man is able to cause a large amount of female wetness to the point of "making it rain".
Woman: you get me so wet, you "make it rain"
Man: I'll "make it rain" all over you!
by skeetle January 02, 2010
While playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and you are in any flying vehicle firing upon any enemy force, building, vehicle etc, you are considered to be "making it rain"
"Yo Steady Eddie I am bunkered up in the farm house, make it rain son!!!"

"Let's play call of duty, I want to make it rain!"
by The Bigg Cat December 06, 2009
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