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The process of having intercourse while the female partner has a moderate fever. Preferably coming down from the flu when extra mucus output begins. Typically performed by couples, the male should not have a fever, thus giving him the extra sensations of a super-heated extra-slimy pussy.
Unless the fever is over 100°F it's not considered 'hot clam'. A fever of 103+ is extremely mood-inhibiting thus only achievable by master hot clammers. Therefore optimal temperatures will be between 100-102°F ~ 37-39°C.

n. Hot Clam, Clam·med, Clam·ming, Clam·mer
Guy: "My wife was hot clamming me Friday night, now im feeling a little under the weather."

Dude: "I bet it was worth it though."

Guy: "It was the best pussy I've ever had. Period."
#sex #fever #clam #pussy #vag #flu #sick
by SZfiftyfour July 07, 2011
Code for sex. A discrete way to suggest a romp without alerting any innocents.

As in: My banana - your puddin

or, Your banana - my puddin
Girl: Do you like banana puddin? (do you wanna go fuck?)

Boy: Definitely (yes)

*Quietly sneak away
#sex #fuck #code word #discrete #honeypot #dick in a box
by SZfiftyfour July 07, 2011
A horribly cheesy way to exclaim your intentions to leave.
Typically used by hot girls to make themselves seem funny/cuter. Can be used in conjunction with slang to boost the lol-factor. The cheesier the better.
1: "Hey guys lets make like frito's and dip"

2: "Aye doo, we gon make like fritos an dip yo."

3: "What it do homeslice ima make like frito's and dip."
#make an exit #leave #fritos #dip #cheesy #make like a banana and split #go away
by SZfiftyfour July 15, 2011
The ability to sexually arouse a female so intensely she begins to exude an unusually copious amount of pussy juice. To the point of dripping or running-out during foreplay or intercourse. Usually causing the males entire crotch region to be drenched including the bush, nuts, gooch, thighs and crack especially when using the cowgirl position.
Girl: "Goddamn boy, I didn't know you could make it rain like that!"
Boy: "Go make me a sandwich."
#female orgasm #wet pussy #pussy juice #sex #foreplay #arousal
by SZfiftyfour July 07, 2011
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