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a cheap rip off of hajuju
oh, you'll pay alright, katie
you'll pay

who would buy a car that was called a 'majuju'. pfft

This means war
by alex blows donkeys September 04, 2003
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pont and scream 'majuju' and watch everyone get confused. quite amusing.
me: 'majuju!' *said while pointing*
everone else: *turns around* 'schto etta?'
by the cosmic fooooool September 04, 2003
fine. i resign as jr. secretary of majuju motor cars.

the action of pointing at absolutely nothing and screaming 'majuju!' and see how many people you confuse. quite amusing.
me: *pointing at absolutely nothing* majuju!
microwave: *truns round* what?
by cosmic fool September 07, 2003
katies NEW car company. screw u hippy. oh vat a veeling... majuju! toyota stole that slogan and tha little jumy thing off us. i hope i dont get sued for that.
oh vat a veeling... majuju!
by the cosmic fooooool September 03, 2003

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