The main line is a place where people can all pretend like they aren't rich. They hire college students to raise their children, and live mainly off of seltzer water and cottage cheese. They hire people to vaccuum and plant pretty trees but they are all either too strung out on pills/too busy commuting into the city to make the "big bucks"/in nantucket to notice. The women all have large breasts and tiny waists because they get plastic surgery, and they glare at other women who are threatening their "territory" (the husbands that are cheating on them with the babysitter). They think that their children are better because they saturate them in the "good life"-vacation, swimming and horseback riding lessons, fine art, and organic food, but really they are just creating their children to be people who truly believe that they are better than the rest of the world.

The sickest thing about the mainline is that there is old money, and the second generation truly does not know any different than what they have been raised in. They will live and die believing that they are "middle class" and that the way that they are living is fine. They will go on growing their little gardens thinking that it is environmentally friendly, yet continue to exploit people for their own profit, whether it be in their business or at their job. They will donate money to charities to feel better about it, and make their kids go on short term mission trips so that they realize how "lucky" they are. This pocket of suburbia is the epitome of everything that is wrong with America, and it truly is sad. There are documentaries about the pits of poverty in Africa, but there should be documentaries about the pits of wealth in Berwyn or Wayne.

Those who read this and think that they are different, they are not. If your kid goes to Radnor township, you are a sell out. If you think that just because your kids go to Good Sam Youth they aren't being exploited by your wealth, then go read the Bible and think about Jesus' words on what it means to be a person of humility and of little possessions. You are NOT middle class, and I don't care how many good causes you support. The mainline is a disgrace to humanity and I hope the recession burns a hole through it.
He who goes to the main line with hope comes out cynical.
by Laura Drake August 16, 2009
Top Definition
To inject a drug, usually heroin, into a vein. Also used to refer to the drug itself.
"That chick was mainlining heroin daily till she OD'd."

From Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime:

"Had a habit doing mainline
Watch the dragon burn
No regrets, you've got no goals
Nothing more to learn"
by eidolon July 17, 2004
Technichally the Main Line is a raliroad that runs from Philadelphia to the suburbs surrounding it including Bryn Mawr, Gladwyne, and Haverford.

The Main Line has always been full of WASPs and old money who belong to Merion Cricket and send their kids to expensive private schools. Recently the area has become infested with Juicy wearing, gum chewing, hair flipping J.A.P.s.

On each corner is a Starbucks filled with obnoxious people buying their 5 dollar coffee. On every road is a mercedes with an old blonde women tlaking on her cell and sparkling her large diamond rings in the sun.

The houses are massive and are cleaned buy cleaningladies adn the few "butlers". Each garage is filled with luxury cars.

The Main Line is a fun place to be if you fit in and have money. If you have you'll fit in. There is not much to it. If you overthink it you'll never get it.

The Main Line is the best place on earth. If you are

c)a WASP
d)are rich
e)enjoy golfing, playing tennis, and dining at fancy resteraunt and exclusive country clubs.
f)enjoy spending time laughing at obnoxious people who think that everyone is looking at them
I live on the Main Line and love it because i am rich, jappy, enjoy laughing at obnoxious people, and like playing tennis and eating lunch at my country club.
by JAP May 28, 2004
An Upper class enclave outside of Philadelphia. This elite neighborhood was the setting for the classic Hepburn/Grant/Stewart film "The Philadelphia Story," and smacks of Boodles Martinis and freshly pressed schoolboy blazers. The diversity on the Main Line goes just about as far as what model BMW one gets for their 16th birthday, and old money maintains huge mansions and sprawling estates. Quite a few celebrities who have opted out of the Beverly Hills lifestyle now call the Main Line home. The Main Line contains a disproportionate amount of upscale shopping, but is still absolutely breathtaking in its grandiosity and stone beauty.
I live on the Main Line and am super-rich because my Daddy owns starbucks, which is why I can buy all my clothes at Saks!
by pr1ncesskewl January 30, 2005
The R5 rail line that runs from Philadelphia to Paoli. (more recently goes as far as thorndale) Area originally created by wealthy philadelphians looking to build summer homes. Large growth after WW2 filled open spaces with dense residential. Towns range in wealth from Gladwyne to Malvern (recent addition according to some) Business Rt30 follows the R5 for most of its run and acts as the main drag through many of the main drags. Many private schools and high end car dealerships are located in the area. Not a very exciting area unless you are middle age and enjoy the country clubs. Manyunk, Philadelphia and even West Chester offer more social excitement for younger people. Malvern now considers itself part of the mainline due to the recent increase in higher end mcmansions and small gentleman's farms in charlestown and willistown. Newtown Square and West Chester pretend they are also associated with the mainline. Parts of Newtown Square run into Radnor and qualify. Homes range from the old estates that have mostly been subdivided into neighborhoods built by Bentley Homes and the like to the redone splits from the 60s and 70s real estate boom. Wealth is divided. There are the old money families who truly have money and usually older estate homes (Older homes $3 mil+). There are then the new money families that have large businesses, are professional athletes or celebrities. (Newer homes $3 mil+) Then there is the majority... high income families. Parents are higher ups business, larger corporations, media companies, pharmaceuticals, communication companies, lawyers, small business owners. They have large mortgages ($1 - $2.5 mil homes) and try to run with the previous two classes. Then there is the rest which don't fall in the scale.
I take the Main Line to work
I grew up on the Main Line
I went to the Haverford School along the Main Line.
by Rdot December 10, 2006
The Main Line is a suburb of Philadelphia. Many people here come from old money. Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Ardmore, Gladwyne, and Wayne are the most exquisite parts of this area. Many catholics, W.A.S.P.s, and J.A.P.s live here. Avalon and Stone Harbor are common places where many Main Liners have beach houses.

Kids and Teenagers wear Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste,Abercrombie, American Eagle, Juicy Couture, Michael Stars,and Solow. They shop at the King of Prussia Mall which is one of the largest malls in the country. Preppy is the best way to describe the main line.

Many exclusive clubs surround the Main Line. Catholics belong to mainly Overbrook Golf Club. W.A.S.P.s belong to Aronamink Golf Club , Waynesborough Country Club, Merion Cricket Club, and Philly Country Club. J.A.P.s belong to Radnor Valley Country Club.

Some of the highest ranked schools surround this area. Some of them are The Haverford School, Baldwin, Agnes Irwin, Episcopal Academy, Radnor, Lower Merion, and Shipley.
Ryan:Hey Katie wanna go into Wayne tonight and catch a movie?
Katie:Sure we can get some dinner at Bravo too.

The Main Line is an amazing place to live!
by MainLiner x0 November 25, 2006
The main line is the outside of Philadelphia. Notoriously known for the spoiled WASPs & JAPs that live here. At lest that is what people think. There are wealthy people here, but that doesn't make them spoiled. If you are less fortunate people here wont judge make fun of or hate you. I know rich spoiled main liners and i know down to earth you'd want to get to know them main liners too.
Main line
It does matter where you live it ony matters what kind of person you are. Just like any other kid, they have to clean there room, help with chores and put up with school.

Rich or poor, black or white, smart or dumb. You can't pick somethings. Nice or mean, fun or boring, a failor or succeeder. It all depends on you.
by lucky lar lar October 01, 2005
The Main Line is not full of Jews. I just recently moved to the main line and i am Catholic. My family also doesnt own a Jaguar, or a BMW and for my 16th birthday my parents would never buy me a car. we dont have a house at the shore. Not everyone on the Main Line is loaded. People who have no reason to hate the main line just write stuff on this website to put other people down. However there are many Preppy kids on the Main Line, not all kids are shallow and rich snobby assholes. There are many sterotypes about the Main Line but not all of them are true.
The Main Line is not what most people think it is.
by pom111 May 02, 2005
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