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The result of bypassing the direct orthogonal tridimensional matrix. Not to be attempted by anyone less than Army-grade hacker certified. You need to go through at least 17 firewalls before you reach the matrix.
Yo, Jeremy, did you hack the mainframe last night?
by gt-skip April 15, 2005
smacking random buttons on your keyboard so it sound like your doing something really cool, and not looking while you do it.
hey are you smaking buttons on a keyboard? "no, im hacking the mainframe"
by Wild-goat-cheese February 18, 2010
(a)The act of owning. Taking advantage of a small error or mistake and using it to your advantage to own someone.

(b) Being in a constant state of cool and awesomeness.
ex. You are playing poker. and an accidental 5th ace appears and you now have five aces and therefore win.
"I just hacked the mainframe."

While chilling,"I am hacking the mainframe."
by hacker lover April 30, 2009
The act of owning. Can be associated with mainframe computer use, but is not limited as such. Similar to using cheat codes.
"Dude last night at the party I was totally hacking the mainframe and I hooked up with two chicks at once. Each one was a 6, but together, they were a 12"
by Hacking_The_Mainframe April 30, 2009
Consists of an empty box with a USB cable sticking out of a hole in the side. It contains many hackable sequences in which hack.bat is used to crash the motherboards server of the ram of the nvidea virus card thus hacking the mainframe
uber pwnage is hacking the mainframe
by Dick Twanga July 16, 2008
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