Maia is the bestest friend you could ever ask for! Maia's have a very good taste in music and are amazing dancers! They are usually very outgoing and hilarious. Maia's are stunning, and beautiful !! You need a Maia in your life...
Maia's are hilarious

Maia's are great friends

Maia's are stunning
by Jumble444 March 20, 2013
Maias are incredibly AWESOME people who are totally good looking and amazing. They have a sense of humor (like a really good one) and make friends easily. They have amazing musical talent and are really into books and sports. You are lucky to know a Maia. :)
Maia is so incredibly awesome. maia awesome talented goodlooking
by Math Dude February 07, 2015
Maia is exceptional both physically and mentally. She is so beautiful, but her sweetness outnumbers every quality. She is a great listener, and great to talk to, however, she is closed off to people she does not know. When she opens up to you, you feel amazing. Maia is a great human being.
Why is that girl Maia so fucking beautiful?!
by JackIsNotACinnamonRoll October 13, 2015
Very beautiful big booty bitches that are attractive
God damn my nigga you see Maia she thick as hell!
Maia is definetly a beauty!
by That nigga jj June 03, 2013
a girl with a mighty fine chin
Guy 1: Wow that maia chick is really hot
Guy 2: No, dude, its only her chin that is hot
by uh oh i cant get a name March 22, 2010
MOTHERS AGAINST ILLEGAL ALIENS. The wifes of rednecks that think that they are protecting their kids by tring to eliminate mexican people and their culture from america.
1.)“Protect Our Children, Secure Our Border!” -brainwashing quote of MAIA.
by 32783975893427895 September 10, 2006
Beautiful and smart... Always nice to others
She's being such a maia
by Hey T July 03, 2016
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