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a cool girl who is really smart (a little too smart)
Maia is great! Shes really smart!
by bob March 13, 2005
Maia is a girl who has a great taste in music, and is a good partner for the card game Kemps. She is kind, understanding, and friendly to everyone. She does get lots of unwanted attention from guys, due to her being such a nice person (and attractive on top of that)

Also has the strange ability to recognise people by their hands..
Maia is my best friend
by 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 October 20, 2011
Outgoing, actively and energetically fun with friends.
Loves life to its fullest, opening everyones eyes around her to its gleeful shine.
Is a confident and strong willed person that can achieve anything with their mind set to task. Making for a excellent leader.
Loves everyone in a special way.
Having a unique beauty about her, personality and physically wise.
Maia is a perfect girl that there is only one of.

Best friend forever. <3

The girl every guy wants.
by bobhankmin August 19, 2011
Great person to talk to. Quiet to strangers, amazingly obnoxious to friends. Loyal, but not the best at communication. Unique beauty. She who everyone loves. Can make you feel special just by being around you. Though slightly klutzy, she is absolutely adorable. Amazing taste in music. Sometimes annoying, and she makes everything awkward. Shy mystique. Lacking so heavily in self confidence. Hates compliments. Has a look that can make you dizzy. So, so easy to fall for.
-Hot damn that Maia sure is Sexy!!
-Wish I could date HER.
-Dude, Maia gets ALL the guys... And girls!!
by Thee Competition February 21, 2013
An amazing girl with great musical ability. Very friendly and is always loyal to her friends.She sometimes finds herself holding grudges too easily and too forgiving of those who are friends. All in all a great person with a great balance of abilities.
A usually quiet person, Maia finds herself in awkward situations often.

(This is for my best friend Maia S.G-O!)
by Laika Marsh February 29, 2012
Maia is the bestest friend you could ever ask for! Maia's have a very good taste in music and are amazing dancers! They are usually very outgoing and hilarious. Maia's are stunning, and beautiful !! You need a Maia in your life...
Maia's are hilarious

Maia's are great friends

Maia's are stunning
by Jumble444 March 20, 2013
1.The oldest and most beautiful daughter of the seven Pleiades, the Greek mythological children of Atlas. She is the mother of Zeus. The month of May is named after her, for she is the goddess of spring.
2.An extremely rare car, also called the Subaru 450.
3. "Maia"s are known to be leaders, bold, intelligent, attractive, comforting, and well-liked and admired by others.
We are learning about Maia in class.
Maia is gorgeous!
Maia is so smart! Gosh, I wish I was her :(
Maia is EPIC
by Yoh Mahma :) March 05, 2013
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