1. to fake being drunk and/or high
2. the act of puking
3. an absolute tool
Leigh: "I'm like soooo drunk right now"
Everyone: "no you aren't..shutup"
by dont worry.. March 03, 2005
Magnetic tape - the big thick stuff they used in the 1960s for data storage, and some poor sods are still using today. Also used in an analog audio studio.
Mag tape.

Put it on a mag.
by vanilla g-lotto December 29, 2004
A fat man on creotine. sweats a puddle. has a sweat tattoo of a rose (faggot). likes his chicks soft and pudgy. best of all has a hot mom and sister (sarah)
u are such a mag.
by mystery78967865767 October 07, 2008
1: Short for a magazine
2: Short for magpie referring to supporters of Newcastle FC
Fuck the mags!
by josquius April 15, 2004
Men's Accountability Group
Hey, are you going to M.A.G. on Thursday night?
by Mike Eastman September 27, 2003
the bloop tube of paintball fit only to be used as a throwing axe
second only to anything BE
you bought a mag, such a mag-got
by Jacques d\'aballesoffe April 01, 2003
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