Man Bag
He pulls that mag off well.

He put the spawn in his mag.

I'm going to get a new mag today.
by Lilredbug May 13, 2010
The word can mean someone vomiting, a magazine, a magnum hand gun, and a large sized Trojan condom.
I was going to read a mag, but it was so gross I began to mag, then got turned on for some reason so put on a mag, and worked it so good that it shot out like a mag spitting bullets.
by Swagil August 18, 2005
a moderately attractive girl

from the MAG system of designation. This system was developed to categorize, label, and describe women. Named after the most common "MAG" designation.

A "MAG" or moderately attractive girl is one who rates somewhere between a 6 and an 8.5 on a scale of 0 to 10 (with 10 being most desirable.) These account for most women in the world. Others are designated as follows:
0-3 scale being designated as UG-OS (ugly women)
4-6 scale being HAGS (hag-like women)
8.5 to 10 scale being AGS (attractive girls)
Further designations can be made within each class of distinction by adding the descriptors "high", "medium", or "low" before the system rank name.

This system can be used in the company of only men, but is more often used in mixed company to go undetected when discussing a woman's desirability in her presence.

::NOTE:: the MAG system is subjective and meant to be used as a tool to help the parties discussing women express their ideas. The "desirability" of a woman is not solely based on appearance, but on many factors.
Let's go down to the pump; it's karaoke night and I bet that place will be a hot, brooding mag-nest.

How are things going with Emily? She's a high mag, man. Jessi is cool but she is a medium mag and you deserve better.

Next time we are at the mall just take a look around. You never see mags and ags together, the species don't intermingle. It must be a self esteem thing.
by Carlo Van Sextron April 18, 2011
male ass graber
ur a mag girl
by mondoga October 30, 2009
In England especially, a mag is an exceptionally short penis. The word derives from the word maggot which is the name of a wormlike insect larvae - the connection being that maggots are rather small. The word is used as an insult towards someone who is known or suspected to have a small penis. If the former is the case, then the one with the mag can duly call the insulter a pervert. Usually the accusation is false, and is believed by those who are insecure about the length of their own penis and who feel better about themselves by mocking others.
Haha look at that short kid. Because he's short he must have a mag. Let's tell him our conclusion: MAG!
by Lewberto May 26, 2009
A magnum condom.
Got the golden ticket, I'ma pop a mag on her.
-Lil B of The Pack, Ass On Deck
by LadyAK March 29, 2009
see, Jaz
hey is that mag? no i think it's jaz...
by lee farrar October 25, 2006

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