see, Jaz
hey is that mag? no i think it's jaz...
by lee farrar October 25, 2006
Married male who is a homosexual and his wife does not know it. Derived from a combination of the words Married and Fag
"Does that chick know her husband takes it in the ass? Someone should tell her he is a Mag. Too bad for the kids...."
by Cuckold July 24, 2006
A Magnum or any other type of gun.
I from the street's. I can work the mag.
by P5YCH0 August 05, 2005
1. the act of puking
2. pretending that one is drunk/high when in fact they are not
3. a complete knob
Leigh: I am like soo drunk right now!
Everyone: Shutup.. no you aren't
by dont worry.. March 03, 2005
The creature that starts out as a basic mag but evolves depending on what items you "feed" it and the job you have (hunter,ranger,or force) in the mag-nificent game Phantasy Star Online

dude i just gave a rare hamburger kit to a mag cell and now its a hamburger!
by LuaraFoyluvaboy June 12, 2004
Shortened form of Maglight, a flashlight
The cop beat the suspect mercilessly with his mag.
by Pittsy July 26, 2003
1. to fake being drunk and/or high
2. the act of puking
3. an absolute tool
Leigh: "I'm like soooo drunk right now"
Everyone: "no you aren't..shutup"
by dont worry.. March 03, 2005

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