a slang term for faggot

used in the iraqi civilization to show interest in sack rubbing

The unequivocal, yet dubious efforts of someone who is, so to speak, a faggot.
yo dude! whats good?

Yo man! I'm gay!!!!

your a mags? really?

yeah dude! Spank me!
by Lovestoshart<3 May 11, 2011
a demeaning term used to describe someone of a lower status. This word originated from the city of Preston , UK (sounds like mug in a london accent)
mag: please dont take my dinner money!

bully: why are you telling me what to do mag?

mag: no im not!

bully: stop disagreeing mag! (bang bang)
by pittybee February 07, 2011
An attractive person that looks like they could be on a magazine cover. Useful for gay and straight people to communicate.
Gay guy: "Check out the blonde chick, she's pretty mag."

Straight guy: "Yeah, that ass is great."
by fishyfish1 July 16, 2015
talking about a certain type of bicycle rims.

mag rims are bike rims that are made of plastic and have three points.
person 1 - that kid has fresh rims on that bike

person 2 - ya, those are mags
by yeooyeoyoeoy June 22, 2010
One who drinks more than they can handle. usually followed by outrageous behaviour and projectal vomiting for the entire night.
Dude, your a mag.
wow, what a mag.
stop magging out you mag.
why did you drink so much you mag?
by O'Brien July 30, 2003
A man who nags.

In particular, any boyfriend who nags his girlfriend or any husband who nags his wife.
I need to dump my new boyfriend. He is such a mag! I'm tired of hearing that I don't respond to his texts fast enough.
I am so tired of my husband's incessant magging. He is the King of Mags! He can wash his own clothes and cook his own dinner.

The guy I slept with last weekend is such a maghole. He keeps texting me and won't get lost.
by charlestonchick January 07, 2015
An upcoming game that allows 256 people to constantly T-bag each other whilst figuring out how to play the single player missions.
'You wanna go on M.A.G.'

'Nah, my crouch buttons broke, there's no point.'
by I am a dictionary. July 07, 2009
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