1. A man with a big penis.

2. the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of sleight of hand, deceptive devices, etc.;

legerdemain; conjuring: to pull a rabbit out of a hat by magic.

3. the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other

techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature.

Compare contagious magic, imitative magic, sympathetic magic.

4. the use of this art: Magic, it was believed, could drive illness from the body.

5. the effects produced: the magic of recovery.

6. power or influence exerted through this art: a wizard of great magic.

7. employed in magic: magic spells; magic dances; magic rites.

8. mysteriously enchanting; magical: magic beauty.

9. of, pertaining to, or due to magic.

10. producing the effects of magic; magical: a magic touch.

11. A guy every woman wants; he just got it the Magic.

12. Someone who rule at life.
Kathleen: I miss my ex he had the Magic. Noone beats him in bed just thinking about the things we used to do in bed makes me soaking wet.

Jackie: Give him a call right now and tell him you miss him. Not everyday you meet a guy who has the Magic.

See 11. A guy every woman wants; he just got it the Magic.
by KathleenLL October 11, 2012
My other answer to everything.
Peson: How... did you get up there?
Me: Magic
Me: Magic
Teacher: How did you get a perfect score on the test? You're either sleeping or talking in class and you've never ONCE done your homework.
Me: Magic.
Me: What did you want me to say? Brain steroids??
by Violetownz January 17, 2008
A name for Magic the Gathering card game.
let's go play some magic.
by Zras May 30, 2005
What friendship is.
Friendship is magic.
by Doctor Krabs September 17, 2011
Used to discribe any food that weed is an ingredient of
Try some magic brownies man.
by Knife May 16, 2003
The ability to use cheat codes or hacks in real life.
He can fly! It must be magic!

Up, up, down, punch, kick... why isn't it working? The internet said it would!
by AndyAZ November 21, 2007
magic (n) (n-adv)

1) with or through skill, cunning, talent, advanced technique, artifice or precice craft and skill
2) with or through complexity either spurios to the contemproary context or to long to be reasonable or desired of explanation
3) with or through the supernatural, praeternatural or quantum-mechanical
4) nor plausible or possible
1) 'did you see that painting, how can that artist paint like that?' '~'
2) 'how did you rewire that whole phone system in just twenty minutes?' '~'
3) 'how can a man just vanish into thin air leaving no trace, and then reappear hundreds of miles away moments later' '~'
4) 'how can we film that scene?' 'with these stage directions: ~'
by Flamsmark January 12, 2005
The Most Attractive Guy/Girl In Class
The MAGIC in my geography class is so fine I haven't skipped class yet.
by chris & kellie August 13, 2005

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