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a replacement for man, to be used in the comical sense
yer maen, that was cool.
by rob March 19, 2003
31 20
Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. Global Internet greeting independent of the color of the day.
Hello and good maen to all!
by LlamaLlamaDuck July 17, 2006
59 17
Term used by a very popular character name Tony Montana aka Scarface throughout the movie, most spanish people say it, also u and more letters at the end for more of an accent
by A 2 the D 2 the o.n.i.s. March 20, 2003
13 17
Mexican slang commonly used in the dealing of drugs scene.
You got drugs maen?

jeh maen.

nice maen.

amen maen.
by Maclah April 13, 2006
15 27
a word used by bad spellers in place of the word mine
dat computah is maen, not yos.

Wha happen ta tha men in that wheilchare, did he steap on a maen?
by joe November 05, 2004
2 26