A website that needs no introduction...what? There's a few retards who don't know? Gah...The website is the creation of a kick-ass pirate called Maddox. It is a collection of articles that he has written about things that piss him off. Naturally, unless you have no brain, most of the articles shouldn't be taken seriously. But the rest should be taken seriously, like how much ass Ben Stiller kicks and why Cameron Diaz sucks.
If you are interested in looking, go to maddox.xmission.com (no www). If you're going to send hatemail, don't bother, Maddox doesn't care. Why do you think they put a delete button on your keyboard? :)
Articles from Maddox: "For every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat three"
"Littering kicks ass."
"I will kick your ass for $25."
"Ben Stiller should star in every movie."
"Love your kids? Prove it by beating them."

Me: Maddox owns you. Don't agree? Eat shit!

Some Random: Name the best page in the universe...
Me: maddox.xmission.com!
by Hayley October 22, 2005
Top Definition
A website by a person who states his true feelings about society and opinions on his personal website, no matter what. He however does this in free time, and HAS been on national television twice. I commend him for questioning the fabric of society while staying awsome and raw.
Maddox Owns You. and the segway.
by Muffin Man February 06, 2004
A mighty good web site. He puts the "irate" in "pirate".

So many dumbasses fell for the April Fools joke.
Maddox the Pirate's real name is George.
by Didda Tinkle May 21, 2004
Kickass site owned by Maddox, who does not only state that most of the stuff on his site not be taken litteraly, but that he does it on his free time. He also has the guts to show his face (via Che' picture) and does he care? No. People that call him an asshat, Here is a little fact for you: No one cares. See Kickass Or L33t
Maddox Owns you all.
by Daniel Gilbert November 24, 2003
THE BEST PAGE IN THE UNIVERSE. Maddox reigneth as king!
maddox.xmission.com is the best page in the universe.
by Mongo March 27, 2005
Awesome website owned by an equally awesome man. To summarize, he basically doesn't spew out bullshit every five seconds like 99% of America's population, and comes up with the most obvious solutions to today's problems. In my earnest opinion, if this guy had the learnings to be a politician, he'd probably make one of the best President's. His views are straightforward and just damn good.
I need not quote him, check out the site for yourself. Also, keep in mind that there is no WWW in front of it, just http://
by James Bond! September 08, 2004
It owns you.
Maddox is Ruler of the Universe, and you know it.
by Link June 25, 2004
See Maddox to find out what his page is about. Or, just go to thebestpageintheuniverse.com or Maddox.xmission.com.
Maddox has the most kickass page in the Universe. Just check out his website. WARNING: If you are a major pussy and can't handle people making fun of things you like, don't go there and then send Maddox hatemail, because he doesn't give a shit about what you have to say.
by I AM Canadian August 05, 2004
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