To hard-core make-out
She is such a hoe, she only knew him an hour before macking with him.
by ~*~Starlight~*~ August 05, 2003
A slang word for mastubating used manly for males. (Manual erotic stimulation of the genitals, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner.)
Ricky was macking the other day because he was bored.
by lil johnson August 08, 2009
Surfer slang to indicate large or exceptionally good surf. Could also be used to describe really large and dangerous closeout surf.
"damn the surfs macking today! lets roll"

"ohhh fuck! the surf is macking. Should we go out?"
by swellryder September 28, 2005
another word for a relationship between two adults that contists only of kissing
you touched my boob you've lost macking privilages
by Holly Matronic May 11, 2007
The hacking of an Apple Macintosh computer.
Dude, you turned your Mini into a laptop?! Now that's what I call macking!
by GuruDragon March 17, 2008
To slay bitches with ones cock,
See also Mack King: so slay multiple Bitches with ones cock whilst wearing a crown
"I got carpet burn from macking this bitch"
"I shattered her boxed whilst slaying the bitch, I am the Mack King"
"Penglis Got his mack on with two other guys"
by Voxy April 03, 2008
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