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performing some kind of sexual act or foreplay; mackage
"Last night me and Billy Bob we're macking it hardcore"
by Colleen September 08, 2004
french kissing (With Tongue)
Jeff: Where did u go yesterday?
Zakkerias: o we went to the parking lot and we started macking
by Boulder Omen April 10, 2005
To Mack chill out, Macking chilling out.
'What have you been doing today?'
'Just macking out'

'Im going home to Mack out'
by Camdogg July 05, 2006
To mack someone is to post comments about them on their friends my space pages. This could involve starting rumors or getting something of your chest.
Thus leaving the person in question, completly embarrased about what you have informed he/she about, in relation to themselves.
E.g. I just macked your ass and told fred you like him! Or, You just got a good macking of him/her, now everyone knows.
by Miss Cakes November 01, 2006
Macking is short for making out.
The couple in the movies were macking the time
by Pizzaforpresident September 17, 2014