Making out with someone
Can also be used in differnt contexts:

-Julia: "OMG I saw Brittany macking Christina's boyfriend!"

-Haley: "Ugh Julia is such a whore, she macks every guy she sees."

-Melissa: "Did you see Josh at that jam this weekend?"
Christy: "Ya we pretty much macked all night"

-Caitlind: "You better mack him he's fucking sexy"
by ana.fuck you February 12, 2009
Here it is, to straighten it out for the non-mackers (symps)

A mack is a man who can woo a female of the opposite sex with his seductive actions and domineering manner. As a tribute to his skills, the woman will often do whatever he likes. This includes actions such as paying for meals and even rent.
I got that woman sprung man! I was a straight macking and she even paid my December rent. We are going to Friday's tonight, I'm eating steak tonight!
by Mackoftheyear December 21, 2009
Holy shit nobody knows what this means anymore.

Macking: Acting nice and sensitive to a woman then banging her like a player and leaving the bitch.
I been macking a long tiiiime...
by Fuckoffslut October 19, 2009
The act of kissing someone hard in a public place. Its like a french kiss, but way harder, like you don't draw breath and ram your tongue down the chics throat hard. It attracts the attention of other people passing by.
Wow, Tristan is macking the fuck out of that ugly chic, she is totally grose.

Nixon is a skinny faggot, he always macks other dudes, and lets them finger his arse.
Did you see James macking on at the club last night.
by the gayzelle May 27, 2009
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