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To mack someone is to post comments about them on their friends my space pages. This could involve starting rumors or getting something of your chest.
Thus leaving the person in question, completly embarrased about what you have informed he/she about, in relation to themselves.
E.g. I just macked your ass and told fred you like him! Or, You just got a good macking of him/her, now everyone knows.
by Miss Cakes November 01, 2006
8 176
flirting, being ostentatious to attract member(s) of the opposite sex
where'd those girls go? i was really mackin' it to them
by Anonymous July 14, 2002
1493 465
To get ladies without really trying, its what real players do, kind of like being a pimp
He was macking on those bitches
by Aaron "G-thing" August 03, 2005
746 659
when ur spitting game on this super fine girl
yo check out robert he be macking right now!
by slim rock May 20, 2011
223 190
To succeed with talking/flirting with the opposite gender (typically males to females). Often occurs at various social gatherings such as parties, hoedowns, conventions, sporting events, or fundraisers.
"Bro, last night I was straight macking at that party. I got like 7 dimes digits."

"I'm telling you man, that girl was macking hardcore on you. She really wanted the D."
by Questlover August 20, 2013
35 8
To make Out
-Me and my boyfriend were macking after school.
by Relationshipexpert(: June 17, 2011
124 128
Making out with someone
Can also be used in differnt contexts:

-Julia: "OMG I saw Brittany macking Christina's boyfriend!"

-Haley: "Ugh Julia is such a whore, she macks every guy she sees."

-Melissa: "Did you see Josh at that jam this weekend?"
Christy: "Ya we pretty much macked all night"

-Caitlind: "You better mack him he's fucking sexy"
by ana.fuck you February 12, 2009
333 353

1. To verbally abuse a fruit or vegetable.
I was macking on a apple last night.
by Cord102 March 01, 2011
143 166