To mack is to chill. also can be used as macking (sometimes spelled maccin). Usually used when wanting someone to calm down.
"Hey wassup?"
"nm, maccing, u?"

by Dee-Money$$$$ August 14, 2011
1) to pick up women; performed best when the man oscillates his arms back and forth while shifting his weight from leg to leg

2) to engage in sexual intercourse

3) to successfully complete an assignment (e.g. homework)

4) to thoroughly consume a meal
Look at Joe over there macking on those chicks! He's really busting the moves out tonight!

We were gonna mack, but I forgot my rubbers.

I'll be staying up late tonight. I have to mack my history paper.

He MACKED those gorditas!
by Z_19 December 19, 2009
to hit on a girl; A male flirt
I'm gonna go mack on that chick over there.
by Greg H March 17, 2003
to flirt with or seduce
I'm going to lay the mack down.
by Mackster March 24, 2006
noun: This common term can sometimes be used to describe a hard-ass individual who is constantly fighting homosexual urges, partly due to the fact that they are around members of the same sex. Some avid enthusiasts have been known to get the word "mack" tattooed somewhere on their upperbody, usually the chest.
Aaron: "Hey Eric. Did you hear about that mack Shane saying how he wanted to kiss Greg and then try to hide it by sneezing eight times in a row?"

Eric: "Eight times in a row?!"
by et87 February 20, 2009
Nine ounces of cocaine.
I'm gonna need about a mack.
by Out in the zone May 29, 2011
1.) To flirt with, seduce, or talk to with the intentions of pursuing some kind of relationship or hook up.
2.) To eat epically or with force

1.) Dude, Thomas was macking on Ansley hardcore last night!

2.) Did you see David mack on you lady earlier? You better watch out.
by mackattackjack May 25, 2010

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