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1) Restaurant franchise that is headquartered in Tampa, Florida; renowned for its thick, juicy steaks and savory Bloomin' Onions

2) Eatery whose cuisine will inflict some unrighteous pain on grown man's gastrointestinal tract. The conglomeration of grease from the Aussie fries, juice from the Coca-Cola marinated steak, and cream from Sydney's Sinful Sundae will surely bring you to your knees and make you plead for clemency.

3) Longtime sponsor of the Outback Bowl, which is played annually on New Years Day. The Outback Bowl is notorious for its early kickoffs and frequently swampy conditions to welcome college football fans to a new year.
1) "Johnny's system was under unrelenting siege from the filling Outback meal, as the Aussie fries and Victoria's 9-ounce fillet pummeled his system to sheer oblivion."

2) "Jake missed the entire first half of the Outback Bowl after being hung over at the New Year's Eve Party. At least he was able to see his Razorbacks open up a can of whoopass on Michigan in the second half."

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by Z_19 May 14, 2007
Term used to describe an opponent/nemesis who is extremely difficult to defeat. The term can also apply to miscellaneous games or events which are difficult to master.
The USC Trojans, although indisputably the most talented team in the PAC 10, always struggle against the undermanned Oregon State Beavers. One can surmise that the Beavers are the Trojans' White Whale.

Isaac has not beaten Jamal in a 1-on-1 basketball game in the last 20 tries. Jamal is his White Whale.

Baron excelled at video games as a child, although he was noticeably deficient at Guitar Hero, struggling to even play Medium Level songs. After many miserable bouts with failure, he conceded that Guitar Hero was his White Whale, the one game which he could not overcome.
#white #whale #nemesis #defeat #difficult #opponent #beast
by Z_19 September 14, 2009
1) to pick up women; performed best when the man oscillates his arms back and forth while shifting his weight from leg to leg

2) to engage in sexual intercourse

3) to successfully complete an assignment (e.g. homework)

4) to thoroughly consume a meal
Look at Joe over there macking on those chicks! He's really busting the moves out tonight!

We were gonna mack, but I forgot my rubbers.

I'll be staying up late tonight. I have to mack my history paper.

He MACKED those gorditas!
#mack #grind #pimp #player #work
by Z_19 December 19, 2009
1) Attractive females who divert attention from men (or lesbian women) in public

2) Hot chicks
Lets go to the track to look for Kuk Eyes.

There were Kuk Eyes at the amusement park the other day.

I wanna look for Kuk Eyes!
#hot chick #babe #lustful #kuk #horny
by Z_19 August 17, 2010
1) Term which refers to the monetary base (M1), which is highly liquid money including currency and vault cash. It is given its name due to the considerable aggregate change in the monetary base that can be brought about by the money multiplier.

2) Track #12 on Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic', characterized by the use of a sine wave synthesizer. It gave its listeners a harsh understanding of the early 1990s West Coast gangsta mentality through the lyrics of Dr. Dre, RBX, and Daz.
The Fed projects that by increasing the monetary base by 1%, the entire money supply will consequently increase by 8%. Hence, our monetary base is "high powered".

Me and my homeboys wanted to listen to some dope beats the other day. We smoked a few blunts and put on "High Powered". That shit is thugged out, yo.
#money #m1 #monetary base #dr. dre #the chronic #gangsta rap
by Z_19 August 23, 2009
A dance performed (often in a club setting) in which the "grinder" places his hands on his head with his feet planted in the ground and proceeds to swivel vigorously

Such action can be stimulated by an exhilerating experience
Joske is grinding like a FIEND this evening! I've never seen anyone generate so many revolutions in one grinding session!

Bartholemu began to grind with uncanny resolve when he discovered that he had won tickets to the race.

Macker: "What are you folks up to this evening?"
Grinder: "We're in the midst of some unruly grinding. Wanna join?"
Macker: "I guess."

#grind #dance #mack #swivel #pimp
by Z_19 April 08, 2009
1) A collection of thugs and convicts who initiate their hoodlum activity on the gridiron, frustrating opponents and their loyal fans as they strut their stuff

2) A pretty damn good football program, which has claimed five national championships (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001)
"The Miami Hurricanes surely exhibited some swagger at Doak Campbell Stadium on Saturday. I don't think any team in America can hang with these guys."
#canes #hurricaines #hurricanes #football #miami
by Z_19 May 13, 2007
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