comes from Sri-Lankan slang. It means buddy.
ayy machan what u sayin?
by O'shara April 26, 2007
Top Definition
means friend or buddy
comes from Sinhalese Slang, official language of Sri Lanka
wht are you saying machan?
by O'shara April 30, 2007
Machans is an extended slang version of the word "macha". It is technically used to address a friend in the "yo-est" and the "coolest" possible manner.

A person who actually addresses you as a "Machans". is usually black and dyslexic and owns a Jetta.

He is a person who, on listening to Heavyweight, accelerates from 15kmph to 150 kmph in 1/10th of a second.
" Yo, Machans. I got my new Jettas.. "
by CoolSahil September 29, 2011
Covertly ntering your partner from behind while under the guise of doing it doggy-style. As soon as he.she relaxes, screaming "Look out-Big Bird!" and vomiting on his/her head. Also can be used to describe having anal sex with multiple partners in a train fashion when vomiting on the person in front of you when one person yells "Look out! Big Bird".
Kevin had a bunch of circus midgets over at his trailer last night and they all Machaned - it was a mess.
by Chris P November 26, 2004
a Mandy that is an anime freak without the cosplay. Gernerally shy, Ma-chans tend to avoid large crowds and loud noises.
Look at that Ma-chan in the corner. She's got that weird hat and is reading one of those manga things.
by Aerianis January 04, 2009
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