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Both MAC10 and MAC11 are compact and reliable guns, capable of delivering a good amount of firepower due to high rate of fire (1100 rpm for MAC11 and a striking 1600 rpm for MAC11 in .380). But the light weight and high rate of fire resulted in marginal accuracy and relatively short effective range, thus make the MACs the good choice for building sweeps and inside-the-vehicle operations
Israeli commandos used the MAC-11s in their Aircraft Hijack Resque missions, thank to its to great firepower and low probability of over-penetration ad ricochetes
by Gangsta P April 24, 2005
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I got seven Mac 11s, about eight .38s, nine 9s, ten Mac 10s the shits neva ends..
-Biggie Smalls freestyle on stage
Madison Square Garden 1995
by kahda September 15, 2004
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Used in the early mid-ninties and still today, the Mac-11 is an easily concealable semi-automatic/fully automatic machine pistol. Used in the streets of NYC, Philidelphia, California, and by terrorist groups, and all the way up to Southern Ontario this gun is widly popular and available. Holding nearly 50 rounds, firing at 20 rounds a second, it's perfect for bringing down somebody at close range. Highly innacurrate for long distance firing due to the lenght of the barrel.
<1> I just bought myself a Mac-11 for running the streets and when I deal.
<2> Nice shit, but why not a Smith & Wesson?
<1> 'Cause that shit costs alot.
by aplz July 18, 2004
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Alex bought a cheap @#$ MAC-11 because he couldn't afford the more refined and respected IMI Uzi.
by Superfreak2000 February 23, 2011
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MAC-11, Can spay 32 bullets, in 1.1sec's, can come in a varied cal.'s, 9mm, 45.ACP. Would'nt have a very accurate range 15m or so. Come's to a ponit where it is extremy hot.
<Bring that guy down, get the MAC out; bye bye BITCH>

<Fuck Smith and Wesson, get your self a MAC.
by GuNs LoVa March 17, 2005
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