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random public boner- tends to affect younger males but occasionally when in class or just in a comfortable position, a man can in fact get a random public boner for no reason in particular
so I was minding my own business today in class and I got the worst RPB!
by notimportanttoyou April 01, 2009
The RPB or Relationship Pain Ball is an abstract object passed from one partner in a relationship to the other, and then to a different partner in the next relationship, and so on. The passing of the RPB is achieved by things like cheating on/insulting/beating/depriving the other partner. The true origin of the first RPB is unknown.
"Dude, I know she's been screwed up in the past but is it right that she cheats on me? It's terrible :("

"Looks like she's passed you the RPB!"
by gabe1417 February 01, 2008
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