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A section / division inside a city.
Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx are examples of boroughs.
by aplz July 18, 2004
Those hot chicks you see online and in mags that will never pose for porn.
Damn Sandi-Model is hot - to bad she'll never get nude on camera
by aplz August 13, 2004
Used in the early mid-ninties and still today, the Mac-11 is an easily concealable semi-automatic/fully automatic machine pistol. Used in the streets of NYC, Philidelphia, California, and by terrorist groups, and all the way up to Southern Ontario this gun is widly popular and available. Holding nearly 50 rounds, firing at 20 rounds a second, it's perfect for bringing down somebody at close range. Highly innacurrate for long distance firing due to the lenght of the barrel.
<1> I just bought myself a Mac-11 for running the streets and when I deal.
<2> Nice shit, but why not a Smith & Wesson?
<1> 'Cause that shit costs alot.
by aplz July 18, 2004
A town in Southern Ontario with a small population, of only 200'000. You can walk down one street and it will look like The Bronx, and the next street over it will look like your typical white suburb. Contains one housing project system, The Hallman Projects which are all over the Belmont / Brybeck area. The downtown is completly degraded and has become a paradise for drug dealers and prostitution. Neighbourhoods vary. They can be beautiful or comparable to Compton depending on where you are. Home to Chicopee Ski Hill and the Kitchener Rangers. Generally this town is one giant ghetto.
I was born in the Hallman Projects on Brybeck.
by aplz September 13, 2004
Psychedelic music is a form of electronic music. Based off early psychedelic rock, such as Pink Floyd. Such artists include Infected Mushroom, Atmos, DJ Guy Salama, Raja Ram to name some of the more commercial acts.
<aplz> man, that guy salama set featuring infected mushroom is wild!
<hrh> i gotta get it then!
by aplz October 07, 2004
While the above definions are true, they're only limited to certian areas in USA or Canada. The universal term, or definition, of an Old Lady is simply an old lady, mostly found in ghettos, who are always calling the cops. 99% of the time they're white, and 60% of the time are single. They believe that calling the cops will solve everything.
<1> Shit, shes got a phone.
<2> Prolly callin the cops.
<1> Fucking old lady.
by aplz July 20, 2004

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