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.380 version of a Mac 10
I got seven Mac 11s, about eight .38s, nine 9s, ten Mac 10s the shits neva ends..
-Biggie Smalls freestyle on stage
Madison Square Garden 1995
by kahda September 15, 2004
Dr. Evil's insult of Goldmembers' accent
Goldmember: fascha...Austin Power's fascha
Dr. Evil: fascha? ok sorry, I don't speak freaky-deaky Dutch
Goldmember: his dad
Dr. Evil: ohhh faTHER...FA-THER
by kahda July 20, 2004
after smoking weed sometimes the brain changes the word order of it's sentences:
smoking weed after brain the sometimes order changes the sentences it's word

a cousin of spoonerism, yodaism
by kahda July 20, 2004
a spoonerism for 'smoke a bowl' when there's non-stoners/narcs listening.
the weederism version is 'bowl a smoke'
yes, you can combine the two: 'smowl a boke' if, like, your parents are in the room
joe: anyone wanna boke a smole?
jake: duh, do stoners shit in the woods?
by kahda July 20, 2004
Yoda, the biggest little stoner from the Star Wars movies would awesomely switch up the words in his sentences because he was high 99% of the time.
"Fun to poke smot it is."
"Going to get fucked up we are."

similar to spoonerism, weederism
by kahda July 20, 2004
use your right thumb to hold your right ring finger so your index and middle fingers can insert into a females vagina while your pinky is simultaneously penetrating her bunghole
(aka the shocker)
last nite, I shot her up Love Gun style >; D
by kahda July 19, 2004
pl. noun: short for 'peepz' which is short for 'people'
deyz mad ppz up in here yo
by kahda September 14, 2004

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