1. Noun- abbreviation for Macintosh, a line of computers made by Apple Inc.

2. Verb- to use a Macintosh computer
1. "I got a Mac; it's really fast!"

2. "I'm gonna go Mac for a couple hours."
by TechyTim July 19, 2010
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M ost
A pplicable
C omputer
Mac has a lot of sweet apps that pcs can't get
by mac loverman September 20, 2008
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MAC = Magnetic Acceleration Cannon
Cortana fired three successive rounds out the MAC gun straight into the covenant frigate. Its shields faded, died, and the last round ripped a massive hole through the floating behemoth.
by evan schmidt June 01, 2007
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v. To fail series of assignments, includings tests, quizzes and labs because of a wanton disregard for studying with the replacement of watching T.V. or chatting online.

n. (Mac-ism) A lifestyle which dictates that tests, quizzes and lab reports do not matter and therefore Television and Computers take precedence over it.
"Hey Brick, you study for the Chem test?"

"Nah son, I was maccin' it last night."

"But dude it's worth like...20% of your semester grade!"

"Yeah well....Queer Eye was on, I can't be missin' that shit."
by Chuck C September 26, 2005
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An operating system. Nice controls, and in my opinion, better, faster, and easier than Microsoft Windows.
Just a short few years ago, it was a privelege to own a Macintosh computer, but they have now been ruined by fanboys and fangirls, much like iPods.
Porter: What kind of computer did you say you use?
Ivan: Macs
Porter: Yeah me too! They're great!
Ivan: You are stupid. You're a total Windows person. You've been using a Mac computer for almost 1 year, and you think you're special?
Porter: Uh...
Ivan: I have used Macintosh all my life, since about Mac OS 5. Do you even know what Mac OS 9 was?
by ivantis May 23, 2009
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a noun used to define someone who is a leech and/or a user. Term derived from a stoner who used people for weed.
"dude, stop macking me" = stop taking my shit/using me

" that dude is such a mac " = what a user/ leech/bum
by george tedbetter July 17, 2006
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Succeed in something great. When you do something remarkable that earn you respect among other people. Usually said when you flirt with a girl and get her phone number or a dance at the club.
1-I'll be mac'in at the club tonight!
2-I'm coming with you!


1-I'm gonna mac this test!
2-U studied?
1-Yeah i know everything
2-Man u're the BOSS!
by Royal_Belvedere March 24, 2010
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