when someone is ugly, there they look like they were hit by a mac truck
damn hes mac!
by SHITSHOW69 January 17, 2009
using the butt end of your hand where the hand meets the wrist to hit somebody in the face or any other part of the head fairly hard.
Shut your mouth or im gonna mac you.
by Jim999999 May 28, 2007
A slang word used to describe ones tactics for attracting a member of the opposite sex. Also an acronym
Example 1:Yo that bitch gives mad dome, you should try and mac that dude.

Example 2:I heard some dude with herpes was mac'in on that chick, you should not fuck with that

Example 3:Laura was tryin to mac on me today, she better get out of my face with that shit
by peehead April 08, 2007
a short, round boy who likes to eat. also enjoys stealing items such as ipods from people. loves any girl with the name of rachel. his favorite food is peanut butter and jelley sandwich. has a bother with a "questionable" sexual orinentation.
mac pouge
by 145132582745325634273456 April 14, 2010
filler word, a smooth person in any scene
guy1: Mac, you totally were hitting on that chick last night.
Guy2: Then you obviously dont understand what game is mac.
by sixththeman July 10, 2008
An incredibly fine soccer player.
I think that might be a MAC that just scored.
by Gary Coleman IV June 16, 2008
Small penis. Usually around 2 inches.
Mike: I was going to have sex with this dude. But he was a Mac.
Josephine: Lol.
by dpiper01 September 04, 2010
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