A slang word used to describe ones tactics for attracting a member of the opposite sex. Also an acronym
Example 1:Yo that bitch gives mad dome, you should try and mac that dude.

Example 2:I heard some dude with herpes was mac'in on that chick, you should not fuck with that

Example 3:Laura was tryin to mac on me today, she better get out of my face with that shit
by peehead April 08, 2007
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Formerly McIntosh, also known as "Apple," the company has shortened their name to Mac. Mac is a computer operating system that runs on UNIX code, a system developed in 1969 at AT&T Bell Laboratories which can support multitasking in a multiuser environment. Mac is a powerful system, highly capable of multitasking, which is competitor Microsoft's biggest weakness in their operating system, Windows. Unfortunately, any car enthusiast would know that "it's more about who's driving, than what's under the hood." Even with all of Mac's power, their severe lack of compatibility and difficult setup make Windows by far a more popular choice by most.
My Mac pwns your silly PC, fool.

(Note: I am actually a PC enthusiast, anti-Mac... I'm just trying to be unbiased)
by Bo Duke... February 16, 2005
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A fast, superior computer that is often looked down on by less fourtunante, nerdy PC users because they don't have one and are jealous of those who do. And becuase of that, they make completely untrue statements about them.

Here are a few:
-Macs are dificult to use. =Actually, they are designed to make everything easier and it is the simplest os- operating system to use.
-Macs are only used if your a musical artist or running your own business. =While macs do have a great program for musicians called garage band and have programs such as iWork for aspiring entrepreneurs, they are perfect for personal use as well
-Macs are gay =Macs are not gay. They may look gay on the outside with their polished, expensive looks but on the inside- they have fast proccesers, top-notch graphics cards, and extreme power.
PC "Hey mac, lets have a speed test. I bet I'll win."
Mac "Whatever you say."

Mac starts up in 30 seconds while PC starts up in 1 minute. Mac shuts down in 5 seconds and PC shuts down in 30 seconds.
by steezmcthrees January 03, 2011
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best word to replace god
I have so much macdamn paper, i swear to mac, macdamnit
by mackdaddy92 April 10, 2010
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Wow he's such a mac...he walks more like a women than a black girl in heels
by HCOZ February 25, 2009
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1. To take action unilaterally, and then blame others if such action has negative consequences. 2. To do physical harm to inanimate objects in anger or frustration. 3. To mess up.
1. If you need to do something, just Mac so you avoid getting in trouble.

2. Get angry! Mac that phone!

3. Wow, you really Macced that up didn't you ya retard?
by Foobar Luckypenny June 17, 2008
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A great rapper from New Orleans best known for his albums Shell Shocked & World War III . Started out Lil Mac and came out with his first album in 1989. He was signed to No Limit Records until 2001 when he was wrongfully accused of a shooting he clearly didn't commit. Was at a bar performing when a man on the other side of the room shot and killed somebody. A ballistics test showed he didn't even fire his gun, plus the REAL killer confessed. Unable to find any actual evidence of his guilt and envying a successful black man, racist white supremacist prosecutors used one of Mac's lyrics as evidence against him. Despite appeals, the bigots convicted Mac of manslaughter, when that wasn't even the right crime, and locked him away from his wife and son because the Louisiana jury hates seeing a black man making money. Humble man, never arrested ONCE before, but somehow guilty of a shooting when he never fired his gun. Appearently the days of Jim crow are NOT far behind us. Now 10 years later, McKinley Phipps still sits in a prison cell, his son forced to be his own father figure. Very sad.
Corey: hey u heard of that rapper Mac from no limit? He got a bangin ass song called slow ya roll.

Joe: yea, the dirty prejudice jury locked him up and framed him so he can't make dope albums any more.
by Slim93Yaheardme October 07, 2011
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