A brand of designer make up short for Make-Up Art Cosmetics
She only wears M.A.C. make-up.
by Lizzy Bean March 28, 2007
Any of the overpriced computers built by Apple. Is it a coincidence that macs spelled backwards is scam?
That emperor who had no clothes also bought a mac.
by mayhaps November 06, 2010
(verb) To hookup with someone
The guys were hoping to mac it with some drunk girls at the party
by manny678 April 13, 2008
A useless excuse of an operating system, far inferior to Windows.

Users are turn into brainwashed Mac fanboys and are constantly spamming up everything technical with mac propaganda.

Less stable, less popular, and less functional than Windows, contrary to the stereotypical representation conveyed by "Get a Mac" or "Switch" ads.

Mac Lovers say they look better, but it makes no difference in performance, and costs too much for anyone to buy.
Dan: I need a computer
Bill: How about getting a mac? It's 9001x better than Windows, and it looks better.

Luigi: I have a mac. I am far superior to all of you.
Mario: Go away, I don't have time to argue with you, you're just wasting my time, AGAIN.
Luigi: Do you know that macs are 3.14% better than the Windows ..........
by SmartPCLover April 13, 2009
A machine with a fruit on it.
You know why it wont work? Because you have a fruit on your machine.
by Steve Jacobss November 06, 2010
Computers that hipsters always buy. No better than a PC in terms of usefulness yet they always argue Macs > PCs
A mac isn't a computer, it is a hipster machine
by Roc18 October 06, 2010
A computer that costs two to three times the price of an equally powerful PC
Hipster #1- Dude, I have too much money in my pocket and know nothing about computers.
Hipster #2- Dude, you should get a mac.
by Joker666 September 26, 2005

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