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to try to hit on someone of the opposite sex, but usually a man trying to hit on a woman.
Shawn was getting his mac on at the club the other night.

Shawn was trying to mac on this girl at the bar.
by whistle_grrl September 17, 2003
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The kid that knows what he's doing. Smart, ambitious, really good looking, and modest. He's that "perfect guy" with the beautiful girlfriend. He's good at everything, everybody wants to be his friend, and typically, he's the one that embodies every quality everybody wants. Mr. Suave.
Guy 1: Get the party started! Macon is here!
Guy 2: Oh I need to go tell him something!
Guy 1: No you don't, you're just in love with him - you homo.
Girl: No I am!
by Ericbrudda! November 05, 2009
Macon, noun from Man and Bacon. Is a meal known to few has a delicacy where a man to arouse is sexual partner (male or female) wrap pre-cooked bacon around is genitalia and attach a hot dog bread to it. The sexual partner then eat the said wrapped bacon and orally please the male. In Muslim country they replace the bacon with turkey. In some part of the USA the Macon is also known has the Pacon (penis and bacon)
honey i feel kinky do me a macon tonight
by RecTumBen March 29, 2011
Verb; to make/cook bacon.
"Dude, I'm so hungry right now."
"Don't worry, she's in the kitchen maconing right now."

"It's breakfast, time to macon!"
by Nancykinz1394 March 03, 2012
The best son in the whole wide world....
Hey, Biff, my son cut the grass without me asking...
What an awesome kid....he's so Macon!
by tokyomum February 04, 2010
Amazing,sweetest,most perfect girl ever! with blue eyes and a beautiful face and a beautiful body if you have a Macon keep her and when she says she loves you believe her <3
Conner:Macon I love you
Macon:I love you too
Conner:I believe you
by CMW0112 June 30, 2011
To have sexual intercourse
They got their mac on last night
by Alex January 04, 2004

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