Short version of Medical Assistant
"Get the MA to room this patient"
by yeaaaaa January 21, 2008
A short way to say "my ass" to something.
You: Hey! I just got the last Windows Edition!
Me: mA..
by Bapho December 12, 2007
Something people say when they are confused, happy, or angry.
Ma! I want that cookie!

Ma! ? What are you talking about??
by Vajanka January 30, 2008
What rednecks call their mother's
From The Simpsons: Cleatus: Hey, Ma! Come check out this spikey haired lil' girl!!!

Not from the Simpsons: Ma: Ima comin', Cleatus!
by Wasabimoto March 27, 2007
often used by people of belfast, slang meaning mother.
here mate i donno what your talking about, your ma fatter than mine
by ok March 07, 2005
"ma" meaning mother pronounced ma not maw like the americans. its an irish word for mom
the ma was on to me about the bunk sock on my floor but i left it there and used it for a couple more weeks
by glenns ireland July 21, 2006

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