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1. a fan of the show mystery science theater 3000, commonly referred to as mst3k
2. A frequent member and user of the Anime Nation Forums
1. the mst3kjunkie has many episodes of their favorite show

2. mst3kjunkie made yet another semi-witty comment in the Otaku Syndicate
by Ben Smith August 16, 2004
One who constantly performs thoughtless errors
Stupid dumbfield you just dumbfielded that one
by Ben Smith September 30, 2004
A chinese firedrill during an orgy. To exchange sexual partners with someone close by, preferrably during group sex.
Chuck got tired of Amy during the orgy and called for a taco switch.
by Ben Smith December 12, 2004
One who displays traits of a person with lillte common sence as if they were born in a barn
"Jon were you born in a barn?"
by Ben Smith September 29, 2004
the act of making love, specifically to make love in the "doggy" style position whilst giving firm slaps on the hind area.
Hey baby, wanna bogle tonight?

Im gonna give her the bogle-mash!

DOOOOOIIIN the bogle!
by Ben Smith September 23, 2003
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