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A word used as a general expression or a cry of frustration used by James, especially whilst playing videogames. In Spanish, it means 'no more'.
Dewey: Dude, you cheated! How'd you kill me in one hit?
James: No mas, no mas.
by Nathan Algren June 21, 2004
77 52
when some one is drunk and wants to keep drinking, but they get cut off. usually by a friend. in Spanish means no more.
Chris: i am not drunk, i want just one more.
Matt: no mas!!!
by terricat May 14, 2010
31 13
Non-Overlapping Magisteria, a term coined by Stephen Jay Gould and occasionally mentioned by atheist writers such as Richard Dawkins. This refers to the notion that science and religion answer different types of questions and as such, do not overlap.
"NOMA is popular only because there is no evidence to favour the God Hypothesis" - Richard Dawkins
by Urbanshee March 07, 2010
14 6
Name Of My Autobiography
It's the new "Story of my life" ... except this acronym is easier to say in conversation. It can be used in nearly any situation, sometimes even as a replacement for "That's what she said."
A: "Sorry for trying to live..."
B: "NOMA!"
by gc2010 March 14, 2010
14 9
Abbreviation for Name of My Autobiography.

Joke that is more versatile than that's what she said.
Linda: How did I get grape jelly in so many places?
Rui: NOMA!!
by SBXer March 14, 2010
11 7
Acronym for Number of Meetings Attended. The more meetings you attended during a work day, the higher your NOMA index will be.
My NOMA index is killing me today, nothing but meetings.
by TravisS359 March 02, 2011
1 4
Reference to SSU/Sonoma area. Not widely used, but easily recognized by true Seawolves...don't ask, it's a Jack London thing!

James: What are you doing this weekend?
Bo: Headin' back to 'Noma
by sophster88 October 17, 2007
5 8