A dangerous street gang in Rochester, NY. Can be located on the west side on Arnett Blvd. Between Post Ave and Kenwood St. BEWARE!!
Yo!I just got my ass whooped by M.A.!
by Jae O May 17, 2005
male society formed to help coax the need for masturbation. Stands for Masturbaters Annoymous.
"Don't jack off, you only have to make it another hour until our M.A. meeting"
by shabotshalomMoFo January 22, 2005
abbreviated version of "mildly amused." truthful substitute for the overused "LOL" on facebook and text messaging.
"This isn't that hard, man."


by Beckner October 16, 2012
term used by low educated urban Hispanic males to refer to another female usually to get their attention...*note* if a women is smart she will ignore him
male: hey ma can I get your name and number?
female: (walks away from him with dirty look on face)
by adidasgmf September 27, 2009
ma- a shortened version of mother or mom used to show respect
Mostly used by people who live in the ghetto
Marcus-That ain't gonna fly ma
Ms Adams- I am nobodies Mother
Sioban- It doesn't mean mother it is a sign of respect
by Clashed47 May 23, 2009
dripping with sexiness. quiet and enjoys playing with his retainer.
Asian? no. filipino? no. what is he? he's MA Taylor Lautner... GO MA TLAUT!
by belapot October 15, 2010
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