martial artist
a really tall, stupid, drunk girl thought JW was a martial artist cause he was wearing a blue soccer shirt.
by Dr J September 06, 2003
Usually used to describe someone who is totally a loser and useless in whatever things he/she does
Why u so ma?
by Harrido12 November 24, 2010
Stands for "Mormon Alert." Is said to a friend (not Mormon) when a blond/red headed family of 6 or more,wearing hand-me-downs, big smiles, fanny packs, etc. is spotted and is so obviously Mormon.
"M.A.!" wispered Al.
"Damn, lets ditch this place; it suddenly got lame." responded Linds.
by M.A. June 09, 2004
Another name for grandma, used in Mexican or Spanish families.
I always go to Ma's house during the summer and she lets us eat churros and horchata without my mom knowing!
by shizzle032093175 June 18, 2008
another way to say 'my' for those who want to seem as if they write lyke they speak.
Ma mom won't let me go to the party, yo
by pillowman March 29, 2005
Used in MMORPG (e.g. World of Warcraft) to denote who everyone takes their target from. Short for Main Assist
Leeroy will be our MA today so everyone take his target
by Z Mayes June 21, 2005
In United States postal abbreviations, "MA" is the abbreviation for the state of Massachusetts.
Boston, MA
Worcester, MA
Springfield, MA
by OHYABUDDYCANADAEH September 19, 2007

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