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To say sexy or something to that extent to a female
" How u doin ma this ya song ma yea come on ma ..."
^---get no better by cassidy.
by Laydee Smile June 21, 2005

"whatever God (Allah) wills"

phrase that expresses appreciation, joy, praise or thankfulness for an event or person that was just mentioned

Another reason people use this phrase is to prevent the evil eye or jinxing, similar to the Western idiom "knock on wood"

The phrase is also used frequently by non-Muslims
Person A: Friends of ours had a baby.
Person B: Masha'Allah! ( M'a )
by Ninja in the Dark July 17, 2011
male society formed to help coax the need for masturbation. Stands for Masturbaters Annoymous.
"Don't jack off, you only have to make it another hour until our M.A. meeting"
by shabotshalomMoFo January 22, 2005
A dangerous street gang in Rochester, NY. Can be located on the west side on Arnett Blvd. Between Post Ave and Kenwood St. BEWARE!!
Yo!I just got my ass whooped by M.A.!
by Jae O May 17, 2005
Inner city Dublin, Ireland, slang for mother. Pronounced 'maa', not 'maw'.
Me ma's not home yet.
by LaylaShell January 28, 2010
1: dude, i just got a new mitsubishi lancer evolution ix!

2: M-A! You still are $12,600 short.
by AK23 July 10, 2008
term used by low educated urban Hispanic males to refer to another female usually to get their attention...*note* if a women is smart she will ignore him
male: hey ma can I get your name and number?
female: (walks away from him with dirty look on face)
by adidasgmf September 27, 2009