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1: When you eat a muffin, and get those crumbs on someone as you're loving them. This might involve glomping, sloppy kissing, or just spitting the crumbs in their face.

2: Muffins made of love; or literally.
1: *boyfriend is eating a muffin* *girlfriend gives him a hug* *boyfriend licks girlfriends face (or spits in it), getting muffin crumbs on it*

2: This can be muffins made for someone you love; or more literally this muffin recipe calls for hearts of the innocent, a cup of estrogen, a tablespoon of mutual attraction, a pinch of testosterone, 1 quart of personality.... add a pound of garlic, fry for 5 minutes with exposed electrical wire (sparks) and garnish with a mixture of used condoms, rose petals, a lock of hair and wedding rings. DELICIOUS LUVINS. Happy valentines day <3

by notsolonelydragon143 February 11, 2013
highly romantic sexual intercourse, usually involving lots of foreplay and post-coital cuddling
Every women needs some tender, sweet luvin every now-and-then, oh yeah.
by akefur November 12, 2010
it goes both in2 luv n sex. luvin iz 2 gv n xpress ur luv bi sex or reeli makin luv!
Troy: kum here baby gimme papa sum luvin
Raz: um humm babi
by Raz December 18, 2004