acronym for loving ur vagina
Guy: I dont love her I luv her.
Guy 2: Yea loving her vagina!
by fat ass lover ayrton June 07, 2010
A word used in the scoring system of Tennis when one has zero points.
"The chances of Tina's winning the game seemed low; the score was luv-30."
by Non-available October 07, 2007
the stupid way of saying "love" that practically no one takes notice to, unless youre 12 years old, in a relationship and you think you "luv dis person til da day u die". :)
i luv u
by kelllllllllllllllll :) July 31, 2008
Stands for "Lightweight Utility Vehicle", in reference to the severely underpowered and incapable Chevy LUV pickup truck of the 1970s and early 80s.
Man...I just luv your 1979 Chevy LUV!...that thing must crank out nearly 35 horses!
by Eziquio C October 29, 2007
1. A stupid looking form of the word "love".

2. How you have sex on Bebo.
1. I luv ED more.

2. 36 people gave me the luv last night!
by KevKevKev March 28, 2008
A combination of lust and love; infatuation or limerence.
Aw, Cyrus made me the cutest Valentine's Day card! I totally luv him!
by corpus August 23, 2006
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