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more than more; used to out do when someone tells u they do sumthing more than u do
simon: i love you
janell: i love you more
simon: i love you morer

simon wins by default
by hottacos4sho August 12, 2007
a final comment in an argument with your boyfriend/girlfriend so that you can win about who love who more.
morest morerest
"i love you more"
"No, i love you more"
"Noo,i love you morer"
more than
by zuzutiger December 13, 2015
More than just 'more'
Boy - i love you more
Girl - i love you morer
by sean okelly June 17, 2013
More than more.
I love Bryan morer than he loves me!
by Luna February 18, 2004

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