a boyfriend uses this word when he is just too lazy to type "love" and show how much he actually cares. OR he wants some action from a girl so he says it but doesnt really mean it. its also what besties say to each other <3
eric: i luv u
kayla: oh, well i love you.
by kandn987 May 08, 2010
"Love," as in Love Field (airport in Dallas, Texas,) the home base for Southwest Airlines. The airline has made "love" a theme when referring to its customers and it's stock symbol is got it, LUV.
"Love Bites" snacks

LUV was up about three dollars at the closing bell yesterday...
by Annie Nomus December 18, 2011
To love someone with out saying love.
I luv you papì
by Mamìpopì05 May 20, 2015
1. An abbreviation for the word "love." Commonly used by teenagers while texting.

2. A word used instead of "love," often if the emotion isn't strong enough to be considered love.

3. A vague term of endearment, used primarily in Northern England and parts of Scotland.
1. c u @ skool 2morrow!!!! :D luv, jen

2. "I dunno . . . He's nice enough, I luv him."

3. "Thanks, luv."
by Sulcralose_And_Cinnamate November 03, 2010
a name you call someone

like 'honey'

used usually by teen girls to friends or a younger person
"Hey Luv! How are you doing?"

"I love that painting, Luv."
by SwagginGirl November 26, 2011
a word used often by preteen-teen girls. means "love" except a cuter, more affectionate way to use it. usually referrs to nonliving things, such as chocolate.
I LUV chocolate!!!
by __-Amaya Sakaruta June 30, 2010
acronym for loving ur vagina
Guy: I dont love her I luv her.
Guy 2: Yea loving her vagina!
by fat ass lover ayrton June 07, 2010

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