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When a girl, typically named Laryssa, is randomly spying on, or boredly observing someone or something, or suspiciously looking for something to do. For Laryssa to be bored and gathering useless information about something or someone to possibly use against you in a funny situation, she would be lurking.
Laryssa is bored at home. She trained her cats to use the toilet instead of the litter box. Her cats were on the toilet and looked out the door and caught Laryssa lurking around the corner watching them.

bus boy at work:"damn, look at all that money they left on her table!"
random server:"you better not touch it, Laryssa is somewhere lurking and that bitch will stab you with a used fork!"
by justdre August 29, 2008
11 33
The great sensation of when you have to take a magnificent, glorious, triumphant shit, but at the very last second you suck it back into your butt hole. (Repeat 5x)
A-Dog had to take a massive shit but he decided lurking would be way more fun.
by BDiZzL3 February 13, 2009
9 35
lurking: the act of robbing houses, cars, garages or any combination of the three. lurking usually takes place late at night around midnight or 2am.
lurker:hey jose we went lurking last night and got 20 bucks and the keys to a crossfire

by dillonrsh October 16, 2007
7 33
When someone listens in on a conference call without announcing themselves.
Ron got mad at Don for lurking on the production call.
by Stevemo August 30, 2004
33 60
Chasing women in a menacing fashion.
"Dude, I was lurking on this broad at the bar and she threw her drink on me."
by Adrianq June 27, 2005
29 65
The time in between you introducing yourself to someone and them asking you to leave. If you hang around for longer than that, you become a sex pest
I was so hammered last night, I was lurking on every girl in the club.
by MrKoi June 02, 2007
5 54
something moon varsity football players made up which means "sneaky". anyone whos cool does it. but dont do it if youre just copying somone who can.
kaitlyn caught me lurking behind her in the halls today. haha it was so funny cause i scared the crap outa her.
by ;lkjasdf March 26, 2007
2 62