When one is with a group of people and "lurks" around a certain place with no plan on what they want to do.
look at those kids lurking around town.
by trollingggfg July 02, 2013
When a player on Call of Duty lies in the underbrush waiting on somebody to walk by their body so they could either shoot them, or continue to lurk.
Ayoo Darnell.. diss bull keep lurking in dem bushes. Like tha fuck I can't even see this nigg...
by Hotstuff292 April 07, 2011
When Players, Player Moderators, or Jagex Moderators on Runescape sit in one area for a prolonged period of time, reporting anyone or everyone they see fit.
Player1: Hey bob FUCK YOU!
Random Mod:Hahahaa MUTE STICK!
Player1:Ugh Mods Lurking all the time.
by MikeIsPlayer1 February 09, 2011
Being high on marijuana.
"Hey man, are you lurking?" "I lurked so hard last night" "That was a good lurk"
by utan November 09, 2011
Term used by/of a newly decloaked lurker on a usenet newsgroup, e-mail mailing-list or web message-board.
"I've been lurking in this group for a month now, and this is my first posting."
by Nupe January 06, 2004
A term used by white people, of a higher socio economic background, to describe an african american or latino person standing within a one mile radius of a white neighborhood.
White Man 1: "Look at that guy lurking over there, he's probably going to steal something."

White Man 2: "yeah look at him, hes so black."
by Titanium Knight August 18, 2013
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