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A set of assessed procedures to gauge academic performance following a course of study. However, Marxists would argue that this is in fact a product of 'false consciousness': exams are actually engineered to force the proletariat of students to undertake the normail 'duties' of everyday life. These usually involve hygeine; for example, washing your clothes, cleaning your room, or undertaking a meaningless life mission such as adding definitions to the Urban Dictionary.
A: Do you want to come over for a 5-course dinner and literature discussion group after I finish indexing all my bank statements?

B: Sure, what's the occasion?

A: I've got exams.
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
Also known as a big sausage pizza; a quite amusing practical joke or concept for pornography in which a man arrives a house with a pizza delivery. Upon opening the box, it is apparent that the box and pizza have had a hole cut in it and the man's penis has been put through it. Much similar to the Justin Timberlake/SNL digital short dick in a box concept.
I went over to Jemma's house to deliver a sausage pizza. She ate it all and smacked her lips.
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
The nasty, sweaty, slimy and stinking mess that is your crime scene after a particularly heavy night. Usually the state of them will offend even yourself, and you are often in such an extremely hungover state that you have missed your opportunity to shower that day. The only cure is to scrub thoroughly and treat with Gold Bond. This can have various causes such as: 1)dancing all night, allowing for a sufficient coating of sweat to turn rancid while you sleep; or 2) after a night of particularly excessive sexual exploits, the 'maturing' of 'love fluids' on the affected area.
Today is probably one of the worst days of my life, I've got a beastly hangover, don't have any of the right books for my lectures, and a killer case of morning after balls. Can I borrow your shower?
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
You know the type, the balding, squirrely-looking guy with glasses and a trenchcoat who turns up to an 11:30pm showing of an animated kids' film. His mission there is to jack it during the entirety of the presenation, with the majority of satisfaction derived from the paradoxial concept of a grown man getting off while watching a kids' film. Surprisingly, although it is very easy to identify a movie jacker, movie theatre staff are unable to prevent him from successfully buying a ticket, leaving fellow cinema-goers unsettled and disturbed.
Me and YK went to see TMNT last Friday, it sucked, especially since there was a movie jacker there: those guys suck.
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
Used to define a woman with impressively large breasts.
That girl is totally driving a milk truck!

Milk truck on your left.

Last weekend, I got a ride on the milk truck.
by MrKoi April 17, 2007
A person who's networking skills are so poor, they are unable to even thinly veil their own personal interests that are motivating them to talk to you. Consequently, conversations are dull and awkward, leaving you feeling cheap and used due to its blatant and impersonal nature.
John is such a netlurker; he needs to realise that he's talking to a person, not a company brochure. John, get some people skills.
by MrKoi June 02, 2007
1) A synergy between networking and lurking. It simply means making the use of corporate networking (making new contacts socially) a route to sexual conquest.

Those girls at Interco are so hot, and they'll be at the Christmas party: let's go netlurking!

by MrKoi June 02, 2007

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