A common word used by high school students in Chatham, New Jersey; An unwanted person who lurks around and creates an awkward situation; a description of something that is awkward or bizarre.
"You're such a lurch!"
"R.J. is so lurch."
"Stop lurching around!"
"He entered that conversation so lurchly."
by Chupcakes December 03, 2005
According to Wikipedia: "Rush Limbaugh, soon joined by other conservative pundits, used the nickname Lurch to describe the tall and slim 2004 Democrat Presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts."
In 2004, Lurch was defeated by George W Bush
by WordWright April 23, 2011
To fall asleep durring a party
usually on drugs or drunk.
Why does Patty always lurch the sofa before the party really even starts?
by Crisstapher Wayne August 19, 2007
the act of spraying saliva that's emitted from the salivatory gland underneath the tongue.(central Indiana origin) syn. snake (southeastern Kentucky origin)
"dude, did you just lurch on me?"
by John (SC) January 18, 2005
To be playing basketball, preferably at the gow, and to NOT play any sort of defense and lurk back near the opposing net and to allow your teammates to A) grab the boards and hopelessly fling the ball down to you and easily dunk the ball, because the lack of defense or B) allow the other team to score, check the ball EXTREMELY fast and a quick pass to you down the court for another easy dunk.
He was lurching all day, he must of had 20 or more dunks.
by gow July 12, 2006
someone who is scary, wont try new things.
stop being a fucking lurch and come on!
by Lariah April 19, 2008
to treat a women in the worst and most mysoginistic manner
Those girls had the audacity to make us pay for their food, so we straight lurched those hoez.
by Big L.U.R.C.H. November 12, 2002

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